Friday, December 6, 2013

The Egg Tree

We all have different holiday traditions- some traditions (naturally) and some that are a bit odd or different.  We try to embrace the unexpected and appreciate the beauty nature brings us.  This can range from our 4 year old cutting off all the mum blooms so she could shred them and spread them around the garden to "artful" array of dead leaves some child put in a vase.

Our chickens give us such lovely eggs every day (except when they are molting, of course)- sage green from our black Ameraucana, blue from our rumpless Araucana, pink from our mixed chickens, and many other shades of green.  We did get new chickens this summer and one recently laid a white egg.    The white egg was shocking to us because we haven't seen a white egg in years!  I hated to just throw away some of these gorgeous eggs so...  we made an egg tree for the holidays.

Yep, an egg tree.  A bit unusual and different.  We like that in our house.  Being the crafty sort, my mom used to make these spectacular egg ornaments when I was little.  She'd blow out an egg, carefully crack the shell away on one side, and create a precious diorama in the eggs.  I remember the velvet and ribbon she'd place in and around the egg and the tiny wooden figure in their new home.  I wish I had time to decorate the eggs, but I don't.  Instead, I just blew the insides out (and fried them up!) and stuck an ornament hanger in the top hole.  And the egg tree was born!